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Quality Resolution Systems, LLC Releases Study on Ford, GM, and Fiat Chrysler Automobile

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Quality Resolution Systems, LLC Releases Study on Ford, GM, and Fiat Chrysler Automobile

Detroit, Michigan consultancy launches firm

Online PR News – 22-September-2017 – Speaking through her publicist, Kiara Thomas, CEO of Detroit Michigan’s Quality Resolution Systems, LLC announced the organization’s consultancy today. The firm uses detailed, analytical insights to show the connection between workplace design and performance, then offers key strategies to their clients for maximum effectiveness.

Founded in 2016, Quality Resolution Systems, LLC is dedicated to unbiased research and evaluations of their clients’ people, products, and services. Recently, they completed analytical research on the leaders of America’s automotive industry and are preparing to present it.

Kiara Thomas and her firm are uniquely positioned to deliver services to the automobile industry. “I’ve worked in corporate and manufacturing; product and process; as well as the salary and hourly employees sides of the business,” she says. “I have also worked with labor relations and unionized employees. I bring trust and an in-depth understanding to our clients.” General Motors, Ford Motor Company, and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles are nationally recognized as “The Big Three.” They are the largest automakers in America. Detroit, Michigan is the headquarters for all three.

After six years of working with and for GM, Ford, FCA or one of their major suppliers, Thomas says that she noticed a pattern of reoccurring problems, and cultures resistant to adaptability. “It became apparent that change was needed and so were solutions,” she explained.

While employed by FCA, Kiara Thomas recognized the opportunity for a new venture and went to work on developing her consulting firm, Quality Resolution Systems, LLC. The objective was to use the analytical data and extensive research to bridge functional gaps between corporate and support operations. With a focus on people, processes, and product, she will sit down with the CEOs of the industry to discuss and offer solutions.

“Quality Resolution Systems, LLC is in the business of making automobile environments work better for everyone,” stated Fran Briggs, Publicist to QRS. “But by no means are they limiting themselves to one industry. They support the people, process, and products of many other organizations as well.”

Detroit, Michigan native, Kiara Thomas says she was born with a passion for the automotive industry. She is a student of Engineering Management with a focus in Automotive Technologies & Manufacturing Processes. While keeping her focus on family and her community, she has worked for the top OEM Manufacturers and Tier-One Supplier companies for almost a decade. Her experience includes Process Development, Improvement, and Implementation, ISO/TS 16949, Risk Mitigation, Strategic Business Planning, Training & Personnel Development and various problem-solving methodologies such as 8Ds, Red-X, and Six Sigma. For bookings and interviews, please email her publicist, Fran Briggs. FranBriggs@aol.com.

Quality Resolution Systems, LLC is a Detroit quality management systems-based start-up company dedicated to bridge functional gaps between corporate and support location operations. QRS works to advance diverse industries through the redevelopment of the conglomerate’s people, processes, and product with the aim of creating a more structured, efficient, and operative workplace. For more information, visit http://www.qualityresolutionsyst.com or email admin@qualityresolutionsyst.com.

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