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Microfluidics Launches ‘Plug & Play’ Lab Models For Continuous High Shear Fluid Processing

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Microfluidics Launches ‘Plug & Play’ Lab Models For Continuous High Shear Fluid Processing

The new M-110P & M-110P Basic BioPharma Microfluidizers from Microfluidics further improve the Companys offerings to customers

Online PR News – 15-August-2016 – Microfluidics International Corporation, the company that specializes in continuous high shear fluid processors, is pleased to announce the launch of its extended machine offerings, the M-110P and M-110P Basic BioPharma Plug and Play laboratory models with continuous high shear and cGMPready processing capabilities. Weve been observing a trend with our customers, the need to produce cGMP materials in smaller quantities, either for cGMP earlier in the development process or for the new generation of small volume targeted therapies. The 110P Basic BioPharma System is Microfluidics response to our customers requests said Brad Besse, Microfluidics Vice President. Microfluidizers have always given the best results where fine, sterile filterable emulsions are needed. Now we can do it with cGMP for samples ranging from 50ml to a few liters.

The new M-110Ps come with a 7 touch screen interface and new options, including an industry first Batch Processing capability for walk-away reproduction of processing conditions.

The M-110P models have been designed to reliably achieve continuous operating pressures up to 2,068 bar (30,000 psi). Microfluidizer processors maximize the energy-per-unit fluid volume, resulting in uniform submicron particles.

The new M-110P and M-110P Basic BioPharma Microfluidizers are just the latest in a series of exceptional products the Company offers, built on Microfluidizer technology. Process pressures may be adjusted from 138 2,068 bar (2,000 30,000 psi) on the M-110P to produce desired product results. Data re-transmission ability enables processing conditions to be recorded.

Utilizing Microfluidics fixed geometry diamond interaction chamber technology, and a ceramic plunger, the M-110P is capable of processing a wide variety of fluids such as oil-in-water emulsions, solids-in-liquid suspensions, and cell disruptions, including the most difficult yeasts and plant cells, in as few as 1-2 passes. Whats more, the process is repeatable and is guaranteed to scale up to pilot and/or production volumes.

About Microfluidics

Microfluidics is the exclusive producer of Microfluidizer high shear fluid processors for uniform particle size reduction, robust cell disruption and nano-particle creation. The innovative Microfluidics Technology Center, located at the Companys headquarters outside Boston, Massachusetts, is staffed by expert engineers with a wide range of nano-technology and application experience for proof of concept and process-development support. Through this Center, the Company can identify potential opportunities to improve product quality and production efficiency for each customers specific formulation. Microfluidizer technology enables companies to create tiny particles that achieve big results. To learn more, please visit, email or contact us at (617) 969-5452.

Company Contact Information
Helen Desmeules
(617) 969-5452

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