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Job Search Wisdom Book Is A Career Game Changer

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Job Search Wisdom Book Is A Career Game Changer

When it comes to a job search, employers have the clear advantage. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Job Search Wisdom levels the hiring playing field.

Online PR News – 15-February-2016 – If youve conducted a job search lately, you know the hiring playing field is anything but level. Employers have the clear advantagethey have experts who help them develop and implement processes to ensure their employee hiring team selects the best candidate while youre left to conduct a job search alone. But it doesnt have to be that way. Career Pros help level the hiring playing field when someone is looking for a job. In “Job Search Wisdom, How Career Pros Help You Get Hired Faster,”job seekers discover what these professionals do, where to find them, how much they cost, and how to select the best one for your needs, no matter your budgeteven if the budget is zero.

Plus to illustrate the impact career pros can have on a job search, Job Search Wisdom includes a case study that reveals the reason resumes seem to disappear into a dark hole and the simple change that can get employers interested in job seekers.

The author, Suzanne Travers is a recruiting entrepreneur who has helped employers like Macys, Coca Cola, Nike, and Solvay hire top talent during her career. She says, Some days I wonder how anyone actually gets hired. I dont know how the job search and the hiring processes got out of sync, but they often are. Ive seen that if someone is trying to find a job on their own, it can be tough.

Ive witnessed firsthand the positive difference individual career pros make in the lives of people looking for jobs, and the disappointing and at times disastrous results that occur when people try to do it on their own.

What is a disappointing result? Underemployment. Someone accepts a job that is less responsibility or salary than their previous position. What are disastrous results? Chronic unemployment.

Job Search Wisdom, brings a fresh new perspective to the job search process. This book is for anyone conducting a job search. Plus, if unemployment is taking a toll on the job seeker and their family the $3.99 price makes it an easy purchase decision to help them get their job search moving forward and get hired faster.

About the Author
After a successful career in corporate talent acquisition leadership, Suzanne Travers became a recruiting entrepreneur, helping Fortune 1000, start-up, and emerging companies like Macys, Nike, Coca Cola, and Solvay hire top talent for more than two decades. Suzanne increasingly felt the call to help people with their job search, and, frustrated by a hiring process skewed against unemployed people, she took a sabbatical to explore how she could help people get hired. In that time, she discovered too many people unsuccessfully trying to find a job on their own and explored ways to connect job seekers with career pros–eventually creating Career Game Changer, an online directory where people can find career pros with services to help them get hired. When research indicated that people dont understand how career pros can help them she wrote the book Job Search Wisdom: How Career Pros Help You Get Hired Faster to explain how anyone can find a career professional to help them no matter their budget.

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