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iDisclose Announces Form C-AR, Form D, Form ID Services

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iDisclose Announces Form C-AR, Form D, Form ID Services

iDisclose, a New York based legal technology company, announced today that its offerings have expanded to include From C-AR, Form D and Form ID services.

Online PR News – 20-February-2018 – iDisclose, a New York based legal technology company, announced today that its offerings have expanded to include services enabling entrepreneurs accessing capital through crowdfunding offerings to file their required annual report, Form C-AR, through the platform. Additionally, the company is launching services to help companies of all sizes with Form ID and Form D securities regulatory filings. Making timely Form C and Form D filings is an important part of remaining compliant with SEC rules for companies raising capital through Regulation CF or Regulation D.

All companies raising money through crowdfunding offerings under Regulation CF are required to file annual reports with the SEC. iDisclose currently supports a number of the leading crowdfunding platforms by assisting entrepreneurs with the cumbersome process of filing Form C, and now Form C-AR. The platform offers a simple to use tool that helps reduce legal costs, by simplifying the process to prepare regulatory filings for companies looking to raise capital.

Form ID is the initial filing that grants companies access codes, to make filings, on the SECs EDGAR system. The iDisclose platform interacts directly with EDGAR and incorporates use of an online notary to facilitate ease of filing forms, which require notarization. iDisclose makes the messy steps of filling, printing, notarizing, and rescanning forms into one smooth and seamless process.

Form D is the filing required when companies raise capital through a private placement offering under Regulation D. Thousands of filers making Form D filings each year will find the iDisclose interface to be both simple to work with and cost-effective compared with alternatives.

For many companies, 2018 will be the first year they are required to file the Form C-AR and we are pleased to offer a service to simplify this process, said Michael Knox, CEO of iDisclose. In addition, we are pleased to continue expanding the regulatory filing services, offered by iDisclose, to help all companies raising capital to be fully compliant with the SEC rules, he said. In May 2016, the SEC adopted rules enacting the changes made under Title III of President Obamas JOBS Act, opening the door for small companies to raise capital through approved crowdfunding platforms. iDisclose supports these platforms by providing a system to assist entrepreneurs in filling out complex legal documents and dramatically reducing the cost of legal review of the required filings. The company believes there is a huge opportunity for technology to reduce the costs of legal services, particularly as it relates to small businesses and startups, and expects to continue expanding its product offerings to further support such companies.

About iDisclose

iDisclose, founded in 2015, is an industry-leading platform in the crowdfunding legal disclosure space with major contracts with platforms such as Republic and Microventures. In addition, iDisclose is expanding into legal document solutions for all small businesses, including regulatory documents, deal documents, HR documents and other business documents. For more information about iDisclose, visit their website at http://www.idisclose.com.

For media inquiries, contact Michael Knox, +1 (843) 637-9450.

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