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HVAC Businesses Seeing Sales Double from Online Marketing

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HVAC Businesses Seeing Sales Double from Online Marketing

HVAC businesses are seeing their sales double from online marketing and mobile marketing efforts.

Online PR News – 10-November-2015 – When it comes to marketing your HVAC business, there’s no better options than online marketing. Building exposure to your website through search engines is the best way to take advantage of the thousands of local searches looking for HVAC services online.

Online HVAC Marketing is best used as a process rather than a tactic. It’s important to understand how customers purchase services online now.

Gone are the days of yellow pages and print ads. The internet has made business very transparent. This allows customers to research your business and look through your customer feedback and reviews.

It’s important to have a HVAC website that not only displays well on a desktop but also on a mobile device. Many HVAC Websites are not equipped for mobile phones. More than 50% of users now research and view websites from their mobile phones and that number is expected to grow to 70% by next year. However, if your website doesn’t display properly almost all of the users will leave immediately. This can have a huge effect on your online leads.

The most important aspects to mobile design are easy navigation and the ability to call the company by simply touching the screen. Most users will want to call the business to get questions answered or request a quote.

Next you’ll want to make sure your online reputation is in check. Most businesses have zero online reviews. You’ll want to have at least 10 online reviews within your Google business page. This builds a strong reputation especially if the reviews are 4 star and 5 star feedback.

Most people will read through the written feedback as well to see what the customers had to say about their experience with the business.

Once you have the reviews in place not only do you give your business a massive leg up over your competitors but you position your company in a positive light when a potential customer calls your business. You’re much more likely to boost your sales and closing rates with proper feedback and reviews in place.

In order to build exposure to your website and business online you’ll want to have search engine presence. This is best done through HVAC SEO. SEO is also known as search engine optimization which is the process of optimizing your website and online presence to bring in more visitors and leads when people search for services in Google.

For example when a user is looking for a service such as air conditioning repair or furnace installations, they turn to websites like Google to provide reputable local companies. Through the development of backlinks, citations, online reviews and proper on page structure of your website, you’ll see a huge increase in local search traffic and leads.

Search Engine Optimization can take time to see the effects. Typically it’s best to give it 6 months to really see the results pay off.

If you’re a company that offers multiple services, the marketing of the other services should follow the exact same format. For example, if you’re looking to improve your plumber marketing you’ll want to have proper web pages built, develop citations and reviews and make sure you have good content written about your plumbing services within your HVAC website.

This strategy is proven to work and will provide you with many new local leads and customers online. For more information on how to effectively market your HVAC and service business online or to get any of your questions answered you can visit www.HVACMarketing.org

We provide a helpful weekly blog post along with constant updates on the latest online marketing strategies to boost your exposure, leads and sales.


“More than 50% of users now research and view websites from their mobile phones and that number is expected to grow to 70% by next year.”

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