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Guidewell Financial Solutions Has a Host of New Online Personal Finance Education Resources

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Guidewell Financial Solutions Has a Host of New Online Personal Finance Education Resources

National nonprofit Guidewell Financial Solutions (CCCS of MD & DE) offers reliable online tools to help consumers improve their finances and quality of life.

Online PR News – 02-November-2015 – Consumers who haven’t visited Guidewell Financial Solutions’ website or Facebook page recently are missing out. Why? Because the agency provides a wealth of reliable and thought-provoking personal finance and housing information online. Here are three rewards readers will receive if they visit or “like” the agency’s website or Facebook page in the coming month:

1. Timely Resources

As an agency with 50 years of experience helping people become financially educated and informed, Guidewell Financial Solutions regularly features money management articles and programming from a host of knowledgeable sources.

Web and Facebook Resources – The Education Learning Center on the Guidewell Financial website houses articles, videos, and audios on a wide range of personal finance topics.

Consumers can learn how to limit college debt or watch Director of Counseling and Client services Nina Heck’s Your Finances, Your Future cable interview with Brian Kuhn.

Recent agency Facebook posts have covered everything from the new chip technology used on credit cards to financial strategies for breadwinner moms.

Happening Soon – The website e-Learning page has free, self-paced courses to help users improve their credit score, purchase a home, or avoid becoming an identity theft victim. This coming month, the new “Spending Plan Strategies” program will be uploaded for consumer use. It includes a step-by-step approach to budgeting and the “Beach Break Game,” an interactive challenge that shows people how to stretch their paychecks.

2. Useful Tools

When it comes to mastering skills, it helps to have the right tools. With that in mind, Guidewell Financial Solutions has financial devices and strategies to help users improve their money management skills and improve their quality of life.

Agency Tool Belt – Guidewell Financial’s website overviews the many services it offers that can help consumers take control of personal debt, determine if a reverse mortgage is their best option, or achieve financial goals and dreams.

Users also will find financial calculators to help them determine how much college will cost, how much car they can afford to buy, and how inflation will affect their retirement funds. The Community Calendar highlights local events and workshops where Maryland and Delaware residents
can receive immediate answers to their financial and housing questions.

Happening Soon – Starting November 3, “Tuesday Tips” posts will be featured on the agency Facebook page. This 12-week series shares actual strategies agency staff have used to financially prepare for, celebrate, and survive the holiday season.

3. Meaningful Connection

An organization is defined by its staff, its partners, and the people it serves. Guidewell Financial is graced with good fortune on each of these fronts.

Resource Development Manager Devon Hyde says, “A tour of the agency’s website is a great way to get to know the agency better. For example, the Success Stories page has personal accounts from clients who have used Guidewell Financial’s services. Each story is a testament to the dedication, strength, and resilience of actual people we have helped.”

The Leadership and Partnership pages profile the agency’s management and list many of the community organizations who have helped expand its capabilities and ensure its success.

Facebook offers another doorway into Guidewell Financial’s world. It often contains pictures from recent agency outreach events. Facebook visitors can also follow the financial exploits of Redhead Ed, hardworking student and staff member by day, bowler by night.

The agency encourages all users learn more about current money management issues and share their own personal finance questions and survival tips. After all, financial literacy is a community effort!

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