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Fran Briggs Announces The Best of Summer Reading, 2017

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Fran Briggs Announces The Best of Summer Reading, 2017

Funny, heart-tugging, spiritual development and edge-of-your-seat, thrillers make the list

Online PR News – 25-June-2017 – Summer reading is hot. American publicist, Fran Briggs has released her annual, “Best of Summer Reading” in similar fashion. Made popular by fans, the list puts the spotlight on undoubtedly, this season’s must-read, books.

“There are thousands of impressive books by free-spirited authors to read this summer. From funny and heart-tugging; to cultural and edge-of-your-seat, thrillers,” says Briggs. “These particular books and their respective authors are gems worthy of recognition.”

The Best of Summer Reading, 2017 is organized by title; author; publisher; a short synopsis and a link to gain more information or even purchase. The writers are from Canada, The U.S.A., The U.K. and beyond.

The list below is not presented by rank. Enjoy, and happy summer.

1. Larry the Alligator Makes Friends (CreateSpace) by LaDonna Marie.
Larry the Alligator learns assertiveness, persistence and confidence while making new friends. Amazon http://ow.ly/WGWa30cRzrm

2. 30 Days to Taming Your Finances (Harvest House) by Deborah Pegues.
Covers the emotional and practical side of putting finances in order www.amazon.com

3. Obadiah: A Ghost’s Story (Rice Paper Press) by Robert Spearman.
A heartwarming ghost story told by the ghost set in South Georgia, 40 years after the Civil War. Amazon. http://bit.ly/ObadiahSummer

4. Mr. & Mrs. Love Jones (One Karma Publishing) by Madeline Hampton.
Matthew Love is a man on a mission and determined to avenge his cousin’s death in this Miami-based, romantic/suspense, thriller. Amazon. http://ow.ly/TzVZ30cRyke

5. The Key To Survival (Amazon KDP) by Daniel M. Warloch.
12-year-old, Jake Hollywood finds an envelope on his way to school and unexplainably feels as if it’s drawing him towards it. http://ow.ly/ts3e30cRDLG

6. The African American Spiritual Practice of Seven: Keys to Ka-Maat; A Lifestyle of Faith, Health, Wealth and Power by Sean XLG Mitchell (Createspace/ALB Management). An African-centered holistic practice centers on self, community development, and a cultural foundation as its base. Amazon http://ow.ly/uYIh30cRCpp

7. How to Remove All Negative Items from Your Credit Report (CreateSpace) by Riki Roash. A ‘Do it yourself guide’ for dramatically increasing your credit rating. www.amazon.com

8. Why Can’t I Lose Weight? (Amazon Digital Services) by Susan J. Campbell
A Real Solution to Weight Loss www.amazon.com

9. Introduction to Ka-Maat: A Spiritual Practice for African Americans and People of African Descent (CreateSpace) by Sean XLG Mitchell. Explore a lifestyle commitment to serving the Creator along with uplifting self, family, and community through on-going acts of positive thoughts and deeds. Amazon http://ow.ly/rXxW30cRudJ

10. A Little Bird Told Me (Amazon KDP) by Daniel M. Warloch.
When a development company announces plans to build a shopping mall in one of the prettiest parts of town, Holly KissKiss rounds up all the woodland animals to stop them. http://ow.ly/Aee830cRuoW


Fran Briggs is an award-winning writer, publicist, and journalist.She’s an energetic and innovative entrepreneur who also oversees the sponsorship acquisition training, “How to Get Sponsors.” As a publicist, her clients regularly appear on radio and national television including FOX; ABC; NBC; CBS; Daystar Television; CNN and Lifetime Television. Fran can be reached at FranBriggs@aol.com

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