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For First Time Ever, Two Towns in the West Are Most Popular Places to Retire at Topretirements.com

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For First Time Ever, Two Towns in the West Are Most Popular Places to Retire at Topretirements.com

The number one most popular place to retire at Topretirements.com for 2017 is Green Valley, Arizona. It’ s the first time a town from the west hit the # spot.

Online PR News – 31-July-2017 – A new retirement migration might be in the making. For the first time in the more than 10 years that Topretirements.com has been producing a list of the 100 Best Places to Retire, a town from the west was the number 1 retirement destination. The 2017 winner is Green Valley, Arizona, a sprawling complex of communities south of Tucson. Not only did Green Valley become the first western town at the top of the list, but another town from Arizona, Prescott, joined it at the #2 spot. Does this signify that the western part of the country is attracting more retirees than the east – only time will tell.

A comment by a visitor to topretirements.com sums up why Green Valley was able to wrest the top spot away from last years winner, Sarasota, Florida. Green Valley sells itself more than 70 special interest clubs, great weather (most of the year), no natural hazards such as hurricanes, tornadoes or earthquakes. The easiest place I have ever been to meet new people.

Sunbelt and West Rule
Elsewhere on the list, towns in the Sunbelt and the West are definitely baby boomers first choices for places to retire. Only 3 of the top 100 retirement towns were outside of those regions. Tax-friendly Delaware had two of those (Lewes and Rehoboth Beach), while Pittsburgh, PA, was the remaining outlier.

Here are the top 10 retirement destinations on the Best 100 list. Pensacola, FL made it into the top 10 for the first time in 2017, squeezing out Ft. Myers, FL.

1. Green Valley, AZ
2. Prescott, AZ
3. Asheville, NC
4. Sarasota, FL
5. Venice, FL
6. Tucson, AZ
7. Beaufort, SC
8. Pensacola, FL
9. Charleston, SC
10. Paris, TN

See the entire 100 Most Popular Places to Retire list at Topretirements.com

How this list was developed
Topretirements counted how many times each of the 1100 cities on Topretirements were visited online between January and July of 2017. We use that to measure the level of interest baby boomers have in those places to retire.

About Topretirements
This popular website is designed to help baby boomers find their best place to retire. They go there to research retirement destinations with objective reviews of over 1,100 towns and 3,300 active adult and 55+ communities. Created in 2006, the site had over 2 million visitors and 8 million page views in 2016.

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