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Dental Clinic Helps Truck Drivers Keep A Healthy Smile On The Road

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Dental Clinic Helps Truck Drivers Keep A Healthy Smile On The Road

Your dental health doesnt just affect your teeth, it can also affect your entire body. A simple infection can cause much more serious health problems.

Online PR News – 01-January-2018 – Another big problem truck drivers face is that they have little or no access to quality dental care while on the road. Regular check-ups and cleanings can mean the difference between having a great smile or having chronic dental problems that require expensive treatment. For example, an infected tooth can be easily treated if seen by a dentist right away. But if the infected tooth is allowed to linger, then the infection can spread to other parts of the body. Even if you dont have any symptoms now, the dentist can find issues like cavities, plaque build-up, receding gums, and other problems before they begin to seriously affect your health. Further, oral cancer screening is another way a dentist can help truck drivers. Finding early signs of oral cancer can mean the difference between fast and effective treatment or longer treatment and the possibility of the cancer spreading throughout the body.

Eureka Dental Group is trying to help truckers keep a healthy smile by offering premium dental services at a price all truckers can afford. We understand the challenges truckers face and can help you keep your teeth healthy. Here are just a few ways we cater to truck drivers:

– Plenty of parking in our large lot
– Same day treatment, emergencies welcome
– $59 Cleaning, X-Rays, Exam $284 value! (new patients only)
– Call now to make your appointment: 916-737-5121
– We are conveniently located in West Sacramento!

Even if you have a dental appliance like dentures you still need to see the dentist regularly to ensure the appliance is still working properly and that youre maintaining good oral health. Eureka Dental Group in West Sacramento has an in-house dental laboratory that crafts dentures customized to each patient. Because we make and repair dentures ourselves you wont have to wait for your dentures to come back from an off-site laboratory. Our lab technician, Paul Sokil, puts his years of experience to making quality dentures by using both his own artistry and state-of-the-art equipment. For example, during your visit we take both physical impressions of your teeth and do a computer imaging model, so youre getting the best fit and look possible.

If youre driving through the greater Sacramento and are due for a regular check-up and cleaning or need treatment for an ongoing problem, Eureka Dental Group is here to help. Call us today or make an appointment online.

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