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Delta Kits Introduces Two New Windshield Repair Resins

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Delta Kits Introduces Two New Windshield Repair Resins

Premium Bond 20 and Premium Bond 3000 are formulated, using the latest technology available, to out-perform all other windshield repair resins.

Online PR News – 17-June-2016 – Delta Kits, an industry leader in Windshield Repair and headlight restoration equipment, adds two new Windshield Repair Resins to its already top-selling resin line.

Premium Bond 20 has the same characteristics that Delta Kits injection resins are known and respected for low viscosity, all temperature, non-yellowing, crystal clear windshield repair injection resin that retains the high standards for low water absorption, minimal linear shrinkage, low acid content and high bonding strength but with an exciting improvement.

Premium Bond 20 is a game changer, says Brent Deines, president of Delta Kits. Its over thirty times more flexible than competitive resins.

The ability of an Auto Glass Repair Resin to flex and stretch is important because in addition to the natural expansion and contraction of the glass, a windshield is subject to a great deal of vibration and stress. A more flexible resin absorbs shock and stretches with the glass to reduce crack outs. Premium Bond 20 just raised the bar for windshield repair resin quality standards.

Premium Bond 3000, a high viscosity Pit Filler, is also an all temperature non-yellowing, crystal clear windshield repair resin with outstanding bonding strength and low acid content. It has a very high tensile strength and shore hardness, ultra-low water absorption and almost no linear shrinkage. Premium Bond 3000 is superior to other pit fillers in so many ways its hard to know where to start, says Deines.

High tensile strength and shore hardness are especially important for pit filler resins that must endure the rigors the surface of a windshield is subject to. Deines says that shrinkage and water absorption, two of the primary causes of pit resin failure, are about 50% less than competitive products tested, Delta Kits pit fillers have always been industry favorites but Premium Bond 3000s superior durability puts it in a field of its own. Our competitors arent going to like this product but our customers are going to love it!

Delta Kits has been testing and formulating Premium Bond 20 and Premium Bond 3000 for over two years. All of Delta Kits windshield repair resins are tested using for tensile strength, elongation at break, 24 hours water absorption, refractive index, shore hardness, viscosity, and linear shrinkage using ANSI standard testing methods.

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