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Day Trading & Travelling: A Day Trader’s Daily Life in Brazil

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Day trading and traveling for the past few years has been nothing short of amazing.  My curiosity has taken me to over 50 countries now and I have been very lucky to live in 10 countries across four continents. When I make my next move to India in December, I will be able to say that I have been able to live in five continents.

I don’t think I will ever want to live in Antarctica.

While I have been sharing most of my travels so far on the site, I plan on sharing a lot more stories about my investing overseas projects and day trading activities.

Most people asked me how I’m able to travel around the world continuously and it’s because I make a living as a day trader.  It isn’t much different than any other location free job, I just require a reliable Internet connection. The only difference with day trading is that Internet speed isn’t a requirement, it’s the reliability that I need.

Day trading and traveling, especially in South America and Africa, I often don’t have a phone. If I am ever dealing with a situation where my internet cuts out I would have no way to contact my broker in order to close my position.

That means thousands of dollars on the line and I could literally lose everything.

Not a bad way to make a living right? No Sress! The fact that day traders have thousands of dollars on the line we can’t afford to have the Internet go out and not be able to contact someone to take care of the problem. Most places around the world have fast enough Internet but not everybody has reliable Internet.

The catastrophes of not having reliable Internet and having a situation where the market can change at any point in time can have very serious consequences (check out what happened to my trading partner here). One of the other reasons that I don’t travel like most other people and go from hostel to hostel or hotel to hotel is because I need to have the reliable Internet to make a living.

When living overseas, I prefer to rent an apartment and actually have a place that I can call home. Often times, when I do take my trips away from my home base, I normally stay in a hostel and do my best to make sure that they have reliable Internet.

How Long Does It Take?

I only day trade about 5 to 10 days a month and when I do day trade its roughly for about an hour or two. I recently just started teaching others how to day trade again via my new The Day Trading Academy .  Crazy to think that have been day trading for almost 10 years now and I’ve been helping people for eight years.

Whenever I am not day trading and traveling I often coach others in order to perfect their technique to make money in the stock market.

Can Anyone Do It?

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned about day trading and traveling is that this is something that anyone can do. It doesn’t matter how old you are, what color skin you have, how much money you start with, or even how smart you are.

I have been able to train people in Africa and have students around the world including Asia as well as off the track places like Hawaii and Alaska.  I honestly can’t take all the credit because many times students and people that I trade with help me to refine my strategy and make it even more powerful.

While I continued to day trade and travel around the world, I’m going to try and do one of these videos for every place that I live. I’m currently in Barcelona and arrived from an amazing trip to Belgium (check out Leuven here), and will be heading to London to host a day trading retreat (seminar) for a small group of traders that are part of my training program.

Once December arrives, I will be pushing the limits of living life in India as well as trying to start a day trading center in Mumbai. One of the main reasons I want to move to India is to open a day trading center to allow people to live their dreams just like I have been able to do.

The average salary in India is under $500 a month

If all goes as planned, I would love to merge my two passions of day trading and traveling by having the center help me teach others how to day trade. The idea is that people could come to India and already have an apartment where they wouldn’t have to worry about internet access or placed the stay.

There aren’t too many places around the world that can offer tourists everything and India, culturally, has everything.

People that come to visit and/or learn could even interact with the local traders and meet someone with mutual interests.  It’s funny to think that just a few years ago my first day trading and traveling adventure was in Iceland.  Should be an amazing ride!

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