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Beijing Options and Futures Exchange (BOFX) Targets New Products and Retail Growth to Stay Ahead

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Beijing Options and Futures Exchange (BOFX) Targets New Products and Retail Growth to Stay Ahead

The Exchange unveiled new products and strategies to sustain its unique advantage in the multinational marketplace and drive investment growth

Online PR News – 27-February-2016 – BOFX Chief Executive Officer, Shen G. Zhaobai said: BOFX expanded significantly in terms of market capitalization, diversity and multinational growth. Today, we are capturing the attention of investors as the prime marketplace to buy into growth opportunities. We intend to stay on this growth path by bringing new tradable opportunities and growing our retail segment, to ensure a sustainable and globally competitive marketplace.

He announced the new USD denominated Refined Olein Futures Contract, is the latest addition to the breadth and depth of products on BOFX, including Business Trusts and Derivatives products, representing over 60 economic sectors.
The new contract will firmly place BOFX as the global marketplace for commodities derivatives. Producers and end users and fund managers will now have a complete solution to manage refining margin risk and hedge against unfavorable price movements in the crude palm oil and palm olein markets.

Mr. Zhaobai said that a BOFX focused Environmental, Social and Governance Index (ESG) will further strengthen its position as a leading exchange in the region. BOFX will be working in partnership with leading Index Provider to implement a Good Index series based on Beijing Options and Futures Exchange products.

BOFX is also investing heavily in the Youth as a key growth market segment. A new retail platform, BOFX Marketplace, was launched recently to provide comprehensive market data and equal access to objective and accurate information about the marketplace, which is paramount for this group, concluded Mr. Zhaobai.

About Beijing Options and Futures Exchange (BOFX.org)
BOFX.org brings together participants from the physical industry and the financial community to create a robust and regulated market where there is always a buyer and a seller, where there is always a price and where there is always the opportunity to transfer or take on risk 24 hours a day. Investors value the BOFX as a vibrant futures, options and commodity exchange but also for its close links to industry. The Exchange provides producers and consumers from all industries with a physical market of last resort and, most importantly of all, with the ability to hedge against the risk of rising and falling world commodities prices.

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